Tutoring Services for International Students

Tutoring Services

Global Bridge Associates LLC offers a variety of services for international students looking to improve their English-speaking proficiency and capability to earn excellent grades during their stay in the U.S. It is often the case that international students cannot keep their grades up due to their inability to fully understand the English language when spoken fluently by a native speaker such as their teacher or peers. When students are incapable of keeping up with their studies and are struggling to maintain passing grades, Global Bridge Associates LLC can offer support services to help international students improve their school performance.

Our Tutoring Services:

One on One Tutoring Sessions:

Global Bridge Associates LLC’s academic services offer one on one tutoring sessions with highly qualified educational specialists. There are a variety of options for One on One Tutoring sessions:

· Homework/Organizational skills development

· English language Proficiency Support

· Subject-specific Tutoring

· SAT Prep

· ACT Prep

Subject Tutoring/Homework Help:

This service from Global Bridge Associates LLC focuses on subject-specific tutoring for international students struggling in a particular class. In some cases, international students thrive in the classroom with the help of their teachers and peers, but struggle to complete homework assignments at home with no aid. Global Bridge Associates LLC  aims to assist these students with tutoring classes fixated on completing homework assignments with full understanding of the course material and content assigned.

Group Test Prep Class:

Global Bridge Associates LLC also offers test preparation courses to groups of international students looking to improve their readiness for the SATs, ACTs, or TOEFL English proficiency test. International students enrolled in these courses will spend 18 hours total for each class studying for the exams. Prep classes are small (roughly 5-10 students), so each session will be personal and easy to follow along.

Global Bridge Associates LLC offers a multitude of packages for international students who would like to customize their tutoring experience. This may include studying in groups with other international students to improve their understanding together, or working with a tutor who will focus on their individual needs. Or both! Every student learns differently, and every student matters.

What Makes Global Bridge Associates LLC Different from Other Tutoring Centers:

Global Bridge Associates LLC provides the academic support resources international students can utilize to achieve success in the classroom. What sets our program apart from other educational institutions:

Expert Educators:

Our professional tutors and teachers possess the training and credentials to help struggling international students get a firm grasp on the course material. We employ highly qualified specialists with experience in educating international students. Our tutors have diverse backgrounds in teaching methods and are familiar with the different learning styles of international students. This allows them to develop personalized coaching sessions to fit the need of each student. Global Bridge Associates LLC can also arrange for bilingual tutors to assist the students.


Global Bridge Associates LLC provides convenient and easy to use online tutoring courses for our international students. Taking them at any location they’d like, international students can work around their already hectic schedule to improve their academics. International students can access the virtual classroom via their computer, phone, iPads, or Chromebooks.


Access to our online platform allows the student to utilize technology that delivers results. International students can use online teaching tools to communicate with our tutors via screen sharing, which creates an engaging online experience. International students are also capable of recording the sessions to revisit later should any questions arise.