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College Admission Tests

Most U.S.
Colleges and Universities require either the SAT or ACT test as a requirement
for consideration as an undergraduate applicant. Each requires careful
preparation, so review the basics for each and learn how to walk into the
examination with confidence.


The Scholastic Assessment
Test (SAT) is a globally recognized exam used for college admissions – your
exam scores are used as a predictor of your success in college. This exam is
typically taken in your junior or senior year of high school and will test your
abilities in reading, writing and math.


The American College Test,
or ACT, is a national standardized test used for college admissions. It is used
as a measurement of aptitude and critical thinking. Subjects tested on the ACT
include English, Math, Reading, Science, and an optional Writing section.
Students generally take the ACT during their junior or senior years of high



School Admissions Tests

There are a
variety of graduate level entrance examinations which can be taken, depending
on the program of study and the school to which you are applying. Carefully
review the requirements for each and learn how to prepare effectively for the


The Graduate Record
Examination (GRE) measures your ability to handle graduate-level work through
verbal, quantitative, and analytical reasoning questions. Used in admissions at
graduate and business schools worldwide, applicants from over 160 countries take
this computer-based or paper-based exam.


The Law School
Admission Test, or LSAT, was designed to measure reading comprehension, logical
reasoning, and analytical thinking skills necessary for success in law school.
Most law schools require this exam and your success will determine the
likelihood of acceptance during the admission process.


If you plan on
applying to a medical school, you will need to take the Medical College
Admissions Test (MCAT). The MCAT exam is designed to measure your problem
solving, critical thinking and knowledge of science. This multiple choice exam
has been an important admissions component for over 80 years.


The Graduate
Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is used to measure analytical writing,
integrated reasoning, and quantitative and verbal skills. The GMAT exam is
accepted by more than 5,800 business and management programs around the world
and has been used in the admission process for over 60 years.


The Dental
Admission Test, or DAT, is a test administered to students seeking admission
into dental school. The exam is conducted by the American Dental Association,
or ADA. The exam consists of an optional tutorial, survey of natural sciences,
perceptual ability test, reading comprehension test, quantitative reading test,
and an optional post-test survey.


The OAT exam,
or the Optometry Admissions Test, is a standardized test used by optometry
schools and admissions committees to test the knowledge of potential
applicants. The test is administered by the Association of Schools and Colleges
of Optometry.

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