College Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation for Applicants To Top Colleges and Universities Such As:


Global Bridge Associates LLC has a proven track record of assisting high school and transfer students get into some of the top colleges in the country. Our expertise covers different fields, including social sciences, technology, mathematics, public and social services, health and pre-med, business, and arts and humanities.

Interview Preparation is Critical to Success

You may have a perfect educational background and impressive extracurricular achievements, but you still need a strong performance in your interview to be sure of getting accepted into the institution of your choice. You may have heard about extremely qualified candidates not getting in. Poor interview performance is a common reason that otherwise outstanding applicants get rejected from college. It’s a competitive application process, and you need to do well in your interview, in addition to having good grades and test scores, to gain admission.

We have built a reputation for ourselves as the foremost interview preparation experts, and we are proud of this accomplishment. Some people call us “miracle workers” because of our ability to turn ordinarily shy, nervous, and awkward high school students into confident, polished, and outstanding interviewees. If you want to leave a great impression on your interviewer, SOS Admissions is the coach you need.

Mock Interview Process

Based on our years of experience, we have created a proprietary interview preparation process capable of equipping clients with all they need for the college admissions interview within the shortest possible time.